New York Attorney General Reaches Deal to End Litigation at Cooper Union

post 2After a year of negotiations with warring parties at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York State’s attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, is expected on Wednesday to announce that his office has reached a settlement that would end litigation and create an independent monitor of the college’s management and finances.

The agreement, which could also lead to restoring Cooper Union’s tradition of free tuition, was seen by all parties as a compromise that they believed would end the turmoil that has hurt the college’s reputation and “help preserve Cooper Union as a national treasure.”

Cooper Union has been roiled by the greatest crisis in its 156-year history, as it struggled with severe financial problems, divisions among the trustees, the ouster of its president and a state investigation into its governing practices.

But the most divisive issue — prompting protests from students, faculty members and alumni — has been the administration’s decision to charge tuition in 2014 for the first time in more than 100 years, as Cooper Union teetered toward insolvency.

“It’s my job to promote and protect New York’s nonprofit sector,”

Importance Of Test And Examination At College Level

post 1Examinations play a crucial role at the entry or exit level of college life. Many may feel it is prudent to skip it but the fact remains that it is a bad idea. Some of the top notch colleges are saying goodbye to final exams. As far as educational theory goes the concept of exams are supposed to benefit the students hugely. It offers the last opportunity of going through the study materials and filling in any gap present in understanding the concept. Forming the big picture after gleaning information from the courses over the year becomes easier and helps in learning the knowledge more thoroughly.

Regular and consistent preparation

Since exams are not to be taken lightly, students put in their best so that maximum retention takes place and the knowledge gained can be utilized in future in work or business. The constant pressure of exams is something that drives you to stay ahead of the class and prepare for the semesters in advance. It acts as a motivation for most and efforts are made to memorize the lessons all through the semester. Many serious pupils detest last minute cramming which serves

Private Schooling and the Extravagant Nation of Pakistan

postProliferation of private schools in Pakistan has harmed the state owned schools alarmingly. Education in public schools has extinct and they have turned into ghost schools. The route cause is not the administration or teachers but the mindset of public that ‘a paid item is always high in quality’, has been developed for last two decades.

If parents are alive, make a living and are not oblivious of children’s future, it is considered their parental obligation to send their children to any but at least private school. ‘any’ denotes the quality of not necessarily being qualitative but quantitative in terms of fees structure. This attitude is same as customers’ attitude towards products which have high price tags are believed to be qualitative.

After denationalization in 1990s the rapid increase of 69% in the number of private schools in 1999-2008. The private sector was catering to the educational needs of about 6 million and then 12 million children in 2000 and 2007-08 respectively, the number of teachers also doubled. But it did not keep pace with Pakistan’s literacy rate 43.9 percent in 1998, 57 percent in 2009, 58 percent in 2012, and according to UNESCO

Men in early childhood education

A brief personal perspective from New Zealand

A number of years ago when I was teaching English to students of other languages in Hong Kong, I did some work for an international kindergarten. My job was to create a programme to promote language for children who were about to leave for primary school. Having taught children of all ages at primary and secondary levels, I particularly enjoyed my time with the kindergarten group and decided to pursue a career as an early childhood teacher.

I can still remember the day I walked into my first class as a student at AUT in Auckland. Initially I thought that it was the wrong class and actually walked out and asked someone if it was the midwifery section. When I walked in again I did feel a touch out of place but sat down and took a deep breath. It turned out that I was one of two men in a class of over a hundred women. The only reason I didn’t recognise the other guy was because he had long hair and got a bit lost in the crowd. As I settled into life in the campus as a male ECE student I got

Standardized and Conspicuous Education Facilities in Metro City

India education is valued everywhere owing to its global standardization and very opportune traits, has very old history and there are many matter of fact found that proved the importance of education from ancient time. Many major cities around the India boasts many number of famous educational hubs, institutions, universities, colleges, schools etc for supplying quality education to students to prepare well esteemed societies. Education is actually a very strong foundation of future and growth.
As a capital of nation, Delhi is truly a prominent hub for education and numbers of students around the country, reach here for study at different level. The delhi education has carried a marvelous growth in recent years, and makes their gibbosity around the world as the city invites students from each corner of nation as well as overseas. Boasting world famed DU, JNU, GGSIPU, Jamia Islamia, IGNOU, Delhi also features many new institutions, research centers and colleges where one can take in superior learning with up-to-date and advanced research and vocational programs. As literacy rate of 81.2%, Career opportunities are huge in Delhi, but one need to grab with their hard work through with higher studies, featuring many areas including technical, management, medical etc

Finding the perfect balance

My son is extremely good in studies. He was always first or second but there always seemed to be something missing. He didn’t have many friends and never took part in any extracurricular activities.  Since my husband’s office moved to Electronic City, we had to find a school close to his office and our new home. We looked at a number of schools. Candor was just two years old when we first visited it. We loved what we saw – a huge campus full of trees, students of international origin, hockey fields, and cricket pitches, swimming pools. It really was every student’s dream come true. We spoke to the vice principal who was an absolutely gem of a person.  She was so animated, answered all our questions. We even met a few teachers. Their passion for teaching was obvious.  We really liked everything we saw and decided this was the school for our son. We completed the admission process and in a few weeks, he was studying in Candor International.

Candor is one busy school. And busy in a really good way. Academics are definitely a top priority, but students are encouraged to really shine in whatever they do. My son

Learning through Play

All children are engrossed in exploration and play in order to comprehend and make sense of the world around them. To analyse the importance of play during the early years I offer a brief summary in this reflection of mine.

Before the development of oral language children are engrossed in sensory and physical exploration as a natural process to understand their immediate environment. There are a number of definitions to define play and one cannot deny the significance in the learning that takes place through play. Theorists like Piaget and Vygotsky considered play to be an important part of childhood as a path to the learning process.

Learning through play for Piaget was defined as a movement through practice play, imaginative play, and continuing on to play with a set of rules. On the other hand, Vygotsky thought that children could be assisted in moving from their level of performance to a level of what they could have a potential of doing. Vygotsky believed the zone of proximal development was created through play which was when children could, “operate at their highest possible cognitive level” (Smidt, 2006, p. 46). As children make sense of the world around them Vygotsky thought that those

Loan Cash Advance Before Payday

Many have reason not to use the services of lending cash. Some of these reasons are embarrassed because they owe, they will feel deceived by the lending company, and so on. You do not worry because Minnesota Loans have understood laments their customers who are experiencing the most difficult period in their lives. You can see how they work and you can directly register the request yourself on their website that . There you will be served by friendly and fast and also the efficiency of a good time for you. The urgency in the future, of course, you need cash immediately. But there are lenders that make this a very long time for its customers. Surely you do not have to worry about Minnesota Loans, because they are professionals in this field.

A financial need in each person’s life is certainly different. There are people who choose to fight for finances until they completely give up and have to do some borrowing money to pay the rest of the existing bill. But there is also a person who can directly decide to pawn their valuables just to get something that is not so important and emergency. If

Essay writing – chore or constructive?

As a busy student, you may not feel that enthusiastic about writing yet another essay. It can seem that all you do is write essays and assignments. What about going out with your friends and having fun – an important part of student life? Why do tutors care so much about essays? And what do they want from you anyway?

It can all get a bit overwhelming, and leave you wondering how to balance all the different aspects of your life as a student. And if you find a particular assignment too difficult, you’re in even more of a muddle. But you’ll never get away with not writing an essay – if you don’t pass each part of your course, you’re in trouble. So you need to learn how to write an essay – and write it well.

The fact is that essay writing teaches you so many skills that you’ll use in your career, such as analysing information, putting together a report, and weighing up the different arguments. So it’s really worth trying your best to acquire the skills needed to put together a decent essay. How can you do this? By seeking assignment help in

7 Tricks to Write an A+ Discussion Posting in the Online Learning

Online learning is an exceptional experience for candidates who wish to maintain balance between studies and work. Flexible learning environment is provided here. The learning pattern is innovative and encouraging. Discussion is a required part of E education because it helps to get a good grade. Every discussion takes place on a particular topic. It is online discussion that connects you with your e-learning classmates. One topic and several points of views in form of answers seem thought provoking. Candidates are required to give an answer showing their understanding and critical thinking.

Here are some important tips to make your discussion posting worthy of an A+.

Identify the Purpose of Discussion

The virtual classroom discussion is far different than the regular classroom discussion. Here you use keyword to share your thought instead of your voice. Each discussion has a purpose which is important to understand. So, read the discussion posting carefully or more than twice to provide an accurate answer.

Read the Direction of Discussion Posting Carefully

Whether you a seasoned e-learner or a new candidate, it is must for you to know the direction of posting. Sometimes, it is required to give personal response and sometimes a formal response with full of ideas is

Succeeding with Online High School

When you choose to attend high school online, you’re taking advantage of an amazing opportunity. Unlike many of your peers, you’re able to take more control over your education, choosing the hours when you work and even the time you want to spend on many of your classes. Online high school offers you the ability to tailor your education to your needs instead of transforming yourself to fit the needs of a standardized classroom. If you want to succeed at this unique educational style, however, there are a few things that you’ll need to commit to up front.


Ask for help as soon as you need it, not when you’re already behind and confused.Teachers in most brick and mortar schools have a number of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to determining whether or not you understand what they’re teaching. Teachers in an American online high school setting don’t have many of those advantages. Don’t leave them guessing! If you need help, ask for it; and if you’re just as confused after a teacher finishes explaining something, admit it. They can’t make changes if they don’t know that you’re struggling.

Keep an

Bullying – A misnomer in preschool terminology

The idea of of writing this musing is to present a case to state that the word ‘bully’ is not a relevant one to describe a child in an ECE environment.

As a teacher, I have always thought it inappropriate to label children in this age group with a negative connotation. This has long term effects on a child as he could very easily grow out of a particular behaviour with guidance at this stage of development. These are the years for children to develop their social skills, and comprehend the foundation for socially acceptable behaviour. I feel that the word ‘bully’ has a very negative connotation for any young child before they even comprehend the concept. Let me reason why I believe ‘bullies’ do not exist in early childhood settings and why we should not label them so. Behaviour management is an important area for us as teachers to keep reflecting on. We need to keep working on strategies depending on the type of behaviour of the individual child that we are addressing. I consider the development of social skills for children as the key factor for teachers to address and promote in the environment.

Farrell (1999) states that, “A range

At West Point, Annual Pillow Fight Becomes Weaponized

For generations, freshmen cadets at the United States Military Academyhave marked the end of a grueling summer of training with a huge nighttime pillow fight that is billed as a harmless way to blow off steam and build class spirit.

But this year the fight on the West Point, N.Y., campus turned bloody as some cadets swung pillowcases packed with hard objects, thought to be helmets, that split lips, broke at least one bone, dislocated shoulders and knocked cadets unconscious. The brawl at the publicly funded academy, where many of the Army’s top leaders are trained, left 30 cadets injured, including 24 with concussions, according to West Point.

In interviews, cadets who asked that their names not be used for fear of repercussions in West Point’s strictly controlled culture, said the fight had left one cadet with a broken leg and dislocated shoulders in others. One cadet was knocked unconscious and taken away in an ambulance and had not returned to school, they said. But a spokesman for the academy, Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker, said all cadets had returned to duty.

Though talk about

What is a Good Age to Start Music Lessons?

Everyone’s heard stories about infamous musical phenoms, including the likes of Mozart or even Stevie Wonder. If you’re considering placing your child in music lessons, you might be wondering what the optimal age is to start.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you define music lessons. It’s helpful to look at the underlying reasons parents may want their children to take music lessons in the first place.

There’s a growing school of research that identifies a specific window of opportunity from birth to the age of nine when it comes to developing musical sensibility in children. During this time frame, the mental mechanisms that are linked to processing and understanding music occur in the prime stages of development. For this reason, it’s beneficial to expose children within this age range to music.

The real question is not when to start taking music lessons, but what the goal of music lessons is for young children. For example, if your goal is to expose your young child to instruments to gain experience, then lessons can and should begin at a very young age – particularly

The Importance of a School Community

Focusing on the academic program of a school is a clear priority for many parents. Unfortunately, this often makes it easy to forget about the importance of the community aspect in a school.

A parochial high school education can offer children not only a solid learning environment, but the opportunity to grow within a community that shares a caring attitude and high standards for each child to adapt in.

A Quality Environment

A school that offers a holistic approach provides students with a different way of life, as well as another way to educate themselves. With the influence of Christian values, a parochial education can offer students more than just an education – it gives them a way to live their lives correctly, distinguish right from wrong and learn more about a Christian way of living.

Abundance of Extracurriculars

School is about than just education. Extracurricular activities help shape students into becoming adults, while teaching them about responsibility, having fun, focus, motivation and most importantly, teamwork. Being apart of something bigger than themselves can show students how to take pride in what they’re representing, all while developing ways to discipline themselves.

Leopard Gecko Lifespan Things to Expect

How long do geckos live varies greatly with regards to the familiarity of the keeper on the proper way of caring for reptiles that’s an essential element in optimizing its ability to live longer

The time a leopard can live depends on how they’re kept in custody. Leopards are usually tough and might cause a few problems as a dog provided that they’re offered with the proper tank size and temperature, food, and whatever that keep them stress-free and healthy.

Let’s talk about the right temperature that leopards need. Use a thermostat controlled heater to keep the temperature normal between 29 — 31 degrees Celsius through the day and 22 — 25 degrees Celsius throughout the night. They so not need UV lighting since leopards are usually nocturnal. To offer gecko’s with adequate heat and lighting place a 50 – 60 watt or maybe an infra-red bulb at one end with the tank. Or hide boxes may be placed inside the aquarium with various temperatures, one to greatly help the regulate body’s temperature and other one is humid which will help them shed away from its skin to prevent infections and cause the leopards blindness. For instance if the skin near its

Top 3 Reasons to Select Hi Tech Laptop Repairing Institute

Every institute has some X-factor that helps students to decide which institute they should join. In this article, we have discussed top 3 reasons to select the Hi-Tech Institute, known for offering quality laptop training in India. The factors are inclusive of advance training, extra features, and 24×7 online support.

What do we think while joining laptop repair training? The first confusion starts with selecting an institute based on favorable factors. To solve this confusion we are providing you the top 3 reasons to select Hi-Tech laptop repairing institute in Delhi.

Hi-Tech Laptop Repairing:

While considering the three factors, we are ignoring the common points that are the fees, course module, and location. This is because; all these points depend on the personal options and vary with each individual preference.

1 Reason: Learn on Advance Repairing Tool

Technical course is successful only when training is on advance tools. The laptop industry, today, works with the latest technology in order to provide quality service. Further, it boosts the confidence of the students for card or chip level repairing. At Hi-Tech laptop repairing training institute in Delhi, focus is on 100% advance training which includes:

  • 100% Live Training
  • Motherboard Testing on Oscilloscope
  • Fault-Finding by Debug Card
  • Working on BIOS IC Chip Programmer
  • Training

Learn To Study Faster And Better Via These Killer Tricks

Learning is an art and learning styles differ. More than sheer academic intelligence, you need to apply your prudence and practical sense while studying for your tests and exams.

Following are some productive tricks that lend room for stress free, easy and better learning scenario for a student while sitting with his prep for ensuing exams.

1. Visualization

Visualizing a concept helps a student understand the facts and ideas better. You are able to imagine what the task is about and go on to understand its features. It reduces half of your stress in grasping the essence of a concept.

2. Rote Memorization

At times, rote memorization comes in handy when you are to learn facts and arbitrary material. Your focus is only on learning the material by heart and it happens best when you pound the information into your mind by force through rote memorization.

3. Metaphor

Comparing one idea to the other is an easy way to remember the concept. Even for tough aspects of learning, a simple comparison makes things easy. While learning computer programming, you can compare a function to a pencil sharpener. The parameter is the dull pencil with insides sharpened and turned as a sharp pencil.

4. Interlinking

This does a great job

How to Plan Your School Administration Process

There is no school without a proper network of education and administration. Schools and colleges need to understand the importance of it in order to survive in the education industry. Proper planning is required if an admin wants his/her academic institute to flourish in the market, therefore, a well-designed work plan need to be made available for the entire teaching staff so that no one has to depend on each other.

Before taking any major decisions, all a school needs to do is automate its paperwork and provide the academic institute with a well-organized administration system. After that, the admin needs to shove off all the extra working hands since most of them won’t be needed after cloud-based technology has entered the system. After the initial changes have been made, the admin needs to make sure all departments are digitized.  

Any person with basic knowledge of computers can be able to run the educationalmanagement software therefore; the admin needs to assign just one or two workers to handle the cloud-based administration system. As far as the education department is concerned, teachers don’t have to be over burdened with extra work such as counting piles or manually calculating exams. Digital school administration

You are college material Big push from educators starts this week

MURRAY — On a recent morning, a diverse group of nervous, yet excited students met in the counselling center at Cottonwood High School.

Collectively, they represented three continents and multiple languages, each student with their own story of how they and their families came to live in Utah, many of them as refugees.

But the students and their fellow seniors at Cottonwood High School will take a step together this month that they and their teachers hope will lead to personal fulfillment in life stories yet to be told.

It all starts with a college application.

Ivonn Celis, whose family came from Mexico five years ago, said she plans to study dental hygiene at either Salt Lake Community College or Utah Valley University.

“I’m excited to start learning more about my career and getting to where I want to be in life,” Celis said after submitting her applications. “I want to have a career for the future that I would know I would have a job wherever I go, but also because I want to be the second one to go to college in my family.”

Ngun Ceu hopes to be the first college graduate in his family, which arrived from Malaysia two years

Multiple Intelligences Theory – An ECE perspective

In his book, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner claims that all human beings do not have a single intelligence but actually possess a set of multiple autonomous intelligences. How does this relate to the young child, and how can we as early childhood teachers use the MI theory to assess children?

Gardner (2011) has defined intelligence as, “the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings – a definition that says nothing about either the sources of these abilities or the proper means of ‘testing’ them” (p.xxviii). He proposes three different uses of the term intelligence. It is a property that all people have, it is used in different ways, and is applied to carry out tasks to achieve a goal. “These intelligences (or competencies) relate to a person’s unique aptitude, set of capabilities and ways they might prefer to demonstrate intellectual abilities” (

Howard Gardner has challenged the assumption that intelligence is a single entity that can be measured purely through IQ testing. He also questioned Piaget’s work on cognitive development and gives evidence to suggest that, “a child may be at very different stages for example,

Top 5 Important Tips For Accounting Homework Help

Accounting requires a different study technique when compared to other subjects. Students often fail to grasp this important fact and this is why most students perform poorly in the subject. Read on to learn a few interesting tips that can help you master accounting with relative ease and also serve as excellent accounting homework help.

There are a few subjects that are often the source for poor GPAs and grades and accounting is most certainly one of them. Accounting with its extensive applications in every industry is a much sought after course of study by many students across the world. If a student wishes to take up the CPA or CFA or any of the professional accounting charters, he/she should have a good foundation in the basics. Here are a few tips to help students tackle accounting easily.

The textbook is organized in a sequential manner on purpose

Most students tend to pick up random topics for study here and there and this may not be the best approach. The textbook is organized in a sequential manner on purpose and the lessons later on require knowledge of the previous ones. Always study in a sequential manner especially when it is accounting. Most online

Teacher shortage costing millions in supply staff

Teachers’ union leaders are warning that teacher shortages are costing schools hundreds of millions of pounds in temporary supply staff.

The National Union of Teachers says schools in England spent £733m last year on supply teacher agencies.

The union says it is wasting money intended for children’s education.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is launching a TV recruitment campaign to attract a “new generation of passionate and gifted teachers”.

Head teachers have been reporting deepening problems with getting enough staff.

The Department for Education has launched a television advertising campaign to encourage more applications, saying that 35,000 trainee teachers need to be recruited every year.

Cash incentives

There are particular problems in finding teachers in subjects such as physics, and the government is offering increasingly generous bursaries.

A physics graduate with a good degree can claim up to £30,000 tax free for entering teaching.

“Great teachers are at the heart of our drive to extend opportunity to every single child,” says Mrs Morgan.

“That is why we are focused on attracting more talented people into the profession, to inspire young people, open doors to their future.”

The teachers’ union argues that the difficulty in recruiting teachers means schools are forced to use their budgets on supply staff